Buddha Tattoo Designs

Buddha Tattoo designs are an excellent way to demonstrate devotion to a renowned religious figure.  While many people select these designs for their symbolic value.   Others may find them aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you’re a practising Buddhist or admire Buddha’s teachings, there is no shortage of tattoo designs.  In this article, we’ll look at some popular Buddha designs.  So you can find one that suits your style best!

Meditating Buddha

Buddha in a meditative state is an excellent tattoo design.  Hence it can bring some serenity into your life.  And make you feel more spiritually connected to the universe!

Meditating Buddha symbolizes that they have attained enlightenment.  And are free from worldly worries.  It suggests they possess strong self-control and patience.

A meditating Buddha standing before a lotus flower can symbolize an ascension into higher consciousness.  They may also be placed near a Bodhi tree.  It represents enlightenment and breaking free of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

This sleeve tattoo by an accomplished artist incorporates Japanese Irezumi art.  It’s to create a captivating image of a meditating Buddha.  The colour palette is stunning, with the sleeve as the perfect backdrop for the main focus.

Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers have long been used as a powerful symbol.  It represents rebirth, purity and the womb of the universe.  They are stunningly beautiful and elegant in design.  And have an extensive history that spans cultures and religions worldwide.  There’s no limit to what can be accomplished with lotus tattoo designs.  It’s from large and bold to delicate and straightforward.

Buddhism holds that Buddha was birthed from a lotus flower.  It makes the flower extremely symbolic to many Buddhists.

Hindus and Buddhists revere the lotus flower as a symbol of fertility, strength, healing, and enlightenment.  Its beauty, even in murky water.  It serves as an inspiring example of what it means to overcome adversity.

Buddha Head Only

A Buddha head statue is an ideal religious symbol encouraging spiritual growth.  It also imparts a feeling of self-possession.  And composure to its wearer.

Before getting a Buddhist Tattoo, be sure it does not offend anyone.  Even if it is not technically cultural appropriation, it could still cause hurt feelings.  And upset those who do not follow Buddhism.

This full-sleeve Tattoo is an impressive design.  That utilizes geometric shading styles.  It’s to create an intricate backdrop behind the upper arm of Buddha.  However, this technique requires considerable time and skill.  The results are stunning when done right.

This sleeve Tattoo boasts an exquisite balance of circular and square shapes.  And simple patterns and dark grey-black shading.  Its striking design sets it apart from other Buddhist body artwork.

Buddha with Bodhi Tree

The Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, India.  This sacred fig is known botanically as Ficus religiosa.  It has become an iconic figure in Buddhism.  And it is often displayed with heart-shaped leaves for visual display.

The tree is an iconic pilgrimage site for Buddhists of all traditions in the twelfth year of King Ashoka’s reign.  Sanghamitta took a branch of the original tree to Sri Lanka.  It’s where it still thrives today in Anuradhapura.

Though its history is well-documented, many in Pakistan still don’t even know its existence.  Dr Nadeem Omar Tarar is a renowned historian and expert on Gandhara Civilisation.  He believes that the tree deserves special recognition as a national treasure.  That deserves special care.

Buddha with Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs are Chinese guardian lion statues.  That could often be found at temple entrances and porticos of homes.  Crafted from stone, these majestic beasts were initially created along Asia’s trade routes.

They often appear alongside other animals.  It’s such as dragons and flowers, creating a powerful combination.  That symbolizes regality and strength.

Ancient Chinese legends believed lion statues could protect palaces, temples and tombs.  It’s from negative people and spirits.  As such, these statues were often placed outside the homes.  Or businesses of high-ranking government officials.

The Foo Dogs, Stone Lions or Guardian Lions are a beloved decorative element in artwork and drawings.  With centuries of tradition and legend behind them, these iconic characters add an impressive presence to any room or front porch.