Blue Rose Tattoo Meaning – How to Interpret it For Your Best Rose Tattoos Designs

The tattoo is truly a personal expression of you. It tells something about who you are and what you are about. The Tattoo can tell your story in many ways. The meaning of a blue rose can vary depending on the tattoo artist who draws it, where you got the design and what you want to express. This article may help you in understanding a few Image meanings that are related to the meaning of a blue rose.

The Chinese regarded the flower as the symbol of love. The Chinese may put more meaning into it than anyone else because they view the thorns as an indication that even if the relationship was not deep there was still a level of love that was shared. In some cases the thorns may represent the struggles and hardships that a relationship goes through during the course of the relationship. So in one way it symbolizes a struggle or pain, but when you look deeper you will see that it symbolizes the enduring love.

A Japanese tattoo artist would most likely draw the Tattoo as a hibiscus flower with blue petals and a single white bloom. The Japanese view this as representing the essence of life and also eternity. In Thailand the meaning is a rainbow and it represents an endless combination of colors. No matter which blue rose Image meaning you choose to go with you can rest assured that you will find the best rose Tattoos designs out there that convey the right meaning to you.