Solid Ink – Blood Orange Tattoo Ink Review

Garver Blood Orange

Solid Ink’s 1oz Garver Blood Orange is essential to any tattooer’s arsenal. Crafted in the USA. This highly concentrated pigment ensures maximum color saturation and healing after application. Many people opt for this neck tattoo because it is one of the least painful options, Especially if you get one for the first time. Plus, unlike many others, this product is free from carcinogens. Parabens, artificial fragrances, and phthalates too! Plus, it comes in a stylish color scheme, so mixing and matching is effortless. Plus, its big capacity of 450ml bottle will last you a long time! For further details, visit the Solid Ink website today!

Fusion Blood Orange

Future Blood Orange is an organic pigment with a high pigment load. It is no filler ingredients. It’s vegan-safe and made in the USA. This ink is suitable for all tattoo types and easy to apply in different colours.

This pigment has an intense orangish-red tone, ideal for mixing warm colors. It goes in smoothly and looks great on any skin tone. At the same time, being highly consistent and smooth. This Tattoo ink has become widely popularized by some of the top artists worldwide due to its vibrant quality.

If you love this pigment, check out our other incredible Fusion e-liquids! This blend features mango and blood orange with a subtle hint of passion fruit. An irresistible tropical blend sure to please everyone!

The pigment’s name derives from the blood orange variety (Citrus x sinensis). Blood orange has dark, crimson flesh with an orange-veined rind. Anthocyanins – polyphenol pigments found in many flowers and fruits. However, rare among citrus fruits – cause this vibrant hue. They gather around segment margins or flower ends before being kept in cold storage after harvest.

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