Basquiat Crown Tattoo – O’Keeffe and Basquiat

Basquiat’s signature motif has been the crown since his early days in New York graffiti art.  This simple design made a powerful statement.  It symbolises his ambition to achieve greatness.

Aussie model Ruby Rose has a poignant tribute to late street artist Damian Marley on her arm.  She inked with an expressive portrait of his face.  She shares a touching memory with all her admirers.

1.  Georgia O’Keeffe

O’Keeffe is renowned for her vibrant floral paintings and bold brushstrokes.  But she also had a knack for capturing a broad sense of scale.  This tattoo proves that O’Keeffe successfully combined her aesthetic sensibilities.  And the love of symmetry in one artwork.

The crown is a familiar icon in art and music.  And for a good reason.  It conveys power and prestige.

Basquiat followed suit.  It often features the crown in his artworks.  This may have been a nod to his involvement with hip-hop culture.  Or his Haitian and Puerto Rican heritage.  The height became his trademark symbol either way.  It proved an intelligent decision by the artist.  It has since been featured prominently in many of his more renowned paintings.

2.  Edgar Degas

Basquiat’s iconic crown motif has been integral to his artwork.  It’s since his early graffiti days in New York.  This simple design emphasised his fascination with human head and skull imagery.  Which he often depicted as symbols representing power, self-worth, and repression.

Crown Tattoo are a popular choice among men and women of all ages.  Before applying the drawing to your body, consider its symbolic meaning.

A crown can represent care, love, grace, strength, and courage.  It may also signify leadership qualities, self-control, and independence.

People with strong personalities and insightful visions for life.  They will significantly complement this image.  It gives them the courage to make decisions for themselves.  And have an impact on those around them.

3.  Claude Monet

Claude Monet is considered to be one of the greatest artists in history.  He perfected the art of painting light onto canvas.  They became the founder and masters of Impressionism.  His work still inspires admiration today.

His paintings of water lilies have become renowned for their stunning colour and form.  However, there are dozens of other incredible works by this artist.  That are equally stunning masterpieces.

Jean Michel Basquiat Crown

Jean Michel Basquiat often employs the crown motif in his artwork.  This powerful symbol conveys various messages.  It’s such as social justice and self-promotion.

Basquiat often included crowns over his head in his artwork.  It signifies his ambition to emulate Warhol and Picasso.  He was always searching for ways to gain recognition within the art world.

4. Jean-Michel Basquiat

As one of the pioneers of Neo-expressionism, Basquiat combined multicultural symbols.  And he used biting social commentary to create daring and provocative artworks.  His paintings featured a graphic style inspired by New York’s Lower

East Side graffiti scene.

His unique combination of art and culture made him one of the most successful artists in contemporary art history.  His artwork not only expressed his struggles with identity and self-image.  The nut also demonstrated the drive and determination he brought to the table.

Despite struggling with drug addictions, he was an inspirational artist.  And the cultural icon of the 1980s.  Despite these setbacks, he rose above them all and became one of America’s most renowned and beloved artists.

In this painting, Basquiat depicted a Tyrannosaurus rex wearing a crown, as this dinosaur symbolises royalty and power.  It’s no surprise that the artist would honour it in his artwork.