Rock of Ages Tattoos – Austin Geometric Tattoos

Are you searching for a simple geometric tattoo design or an intricate geometric sleeve? There are plenty of options to choose from. Plus, the beauty of this style lies in how many different colors. And patterns can be combined to make your geometric tattoo stand out!

Create an eye-catching geometric tattoo with the help of an experienced artist. An experienced artist understands the principles of geometry and symmetry. They will also assist in finding the ideal balance between contrasting lines and colors. They will bring your vision to life!

Mainstay Tattoo

Making decisions for a tattoo can be intimidating. But with the right shop, getting inked will be a smooth experience.

Mainstay Tattoo has some of the finest artists in town, specializing in classic Tattooing. Plus, their wall of flash designs offers plenty of choices. If you need help deciding what to get, their staff can help you find something that matches your style perfectly.

They have two locations, one in downtown Austin and the other in East Nashville. They collaborate with a range of versatile and creative artists. Catering to the latest trends within the industry.

They’re known for their annual Halloween flash sales but also offer specials throughout the year. Take advantage of Independence Day, Friday the 13th, and Traditional Tuesday deals. Fill your body with iconic Tattoos without breaking your budget.

Rock of Ages Tattoo

The Rock of Ages Tattoo designis a classic icon in traditional tattooing that will always stay in style. This beautiful representation of Christian religious imagery is a must have for any Christian religious fan. It can be personalized to fit any preference.

Tattoos had their roots in the 1860s when Johannes Oertel painted a painting entitled “Saved. Or, An Emblematic Representation of Christian Faith. This image was later widely reproduced under the title “Rock of Ages. It was taken from a hymn written in 1763.

These tattoos are deeply rooted in Christianity and symbolize our deep trust in Jesus Christ as the steadfast rock that cannot be moved. It serves as a poignant reminder that even during difficult times, God is always present to protect us.

This design is ideal for sailors and others who rely on God to keep them safe during stormy seas. Regardless of your religious belief, this statement piece makes a great conversation. Whether you believe it or not!

All Saints Tattoo

Since its opening on 6th Street, All Saints Tattoo has been providing Austinites with traditional tattoo designs. The Tattoos feature black and grey shading, and old-school lettering.

Their tattoo artists boast over 50 years of combined experience. They specialize in high-quality body art. They can accommodate any type of design. From simple black and gray to intricate and detailed artwork.

Two All Saints Tattoo Studios exist. Burnet Road in northeast Austin and Sixth Street downtown. Famous for its friendly personnel and walk-ins. Tattoo fans go to All Saints.

Their 600+ designs will satisfy, including Friday the 13th flash tattoos! Black outline tattoos cost $31 and colour and blackout tattoos $60. Colour and blackout tattoos average $61. cash-only; arrive early!

Thomas Hooper

Austin’s Rock of Ages Tattooing. It’s renowned for geometric tattoos. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are advised.

Thomas Hooper is a famous tattoo and fine artist. Tibetan art, nature, and decorative art inspire him. He makes classic woodcuts. His detailed, meditative style captivates viewers.

The English tattoo artist has an impressive artistic background and a degree in drawing. He began tattooing while still in college, eventually becoming his profession.

His artwork draws inspiration from wabi-sabi, sacred symbolism, the occult, and the occult. His work is based on the core of truth. He blends these elements with cascading mandalas and interlocking lines. These elements define his signature style.