Best 3d Picture design Ideas – Anubis

If you are a fan of the Egyptian God, you may want to get an Anubis tattoo. Whether you are looking for a simple or elaborate design, you’ll find it all here. This spooky green deity will enhance your arm or leg. The Anubis tattoo includes a sketch style with black and gray colors that show off the angry face of the god. You’ll also appreciate the excellent style choices and shading. The stylized ankh adds movement.

The Anubis tattoo is black and gray, almost traditional American style. The shading on the Anubis’ muzzle and nose are heavy, giving it the perfect shape. This skull would make for an epic fighter, or even the final boss of a video game. The sharp black and fuzz shading creates nice filler. This design is perfect for those who love to play with dark shades of black and gray. And if you haven’t yet seen Anubis, you’ll be delighted to know he has wings!


The Anubis tattoo in black and gray has a classic American style. The dark shading gives the skull a strong and imposing appearance. The muzzle is shaped just right, and the nose is accentuated with black and gray outlines. It would make for an epic fighter or final boss. The image is an excellent choice for those who want a classic, dark-and-dark style. Anubis is one of the most popular gods in the world, and is a perfect choice for a traditional or modern-day 3d-printed design.