7 Down 8 Up Tattoo – A Meaningful Quote That Can Help Motivate You

The seven down, eight up tattoo is an inspirational phrase that can motivate you. It serves as a motivating reminder to strive towards your ideal job.

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Fall Seven Times

Things in life can cause us to stumble. A failed class, a lost job, an injury, or even a broken relationship are some of the things. This may cause us to slump. But if you get up after each stumble and find the strength to stand up one more time. You will become a stronger version of yourself overall.

This Japanese proverb, nana koro bi yaki (fall seven times. Stand up eight), is a motivational message, That no matter what life throws at you. You can always come out on top. It may also serve as an encouraging word to those who may be struggling.

This hand-brushed Fall Down Seven. Get Up Eight Japanese tattoo is the perfect way to show you’re not afraid to fall. However, the Get Up Eight Japanese tattoo is determined to rise again. Printed on Adobe PDF file so you can print it off. And take it directly to your favorite artist, Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase, hand brushed. These designs are with line art. So your tattoo artist can ink them correctly.

Get Up Eight

Regaining your footing after being down seven times can be a humbling journey with the right support system. And some luck along the way, you’ll soon be back up again! A 7 Down 8 Up tattoo serves as a constant reminder of that power. With its quote above, kanji emblazoned on your skin and an accompanying talisman. It serves as inspiration and motivation as you take those first steps toward recovery. Its triangular piece of paper design encased in a clear acrylic box protects it from damage and stains. It’s portable so that you can take it everywhere!

Fall Eight Times

This proverb serves as a reminder that it’s okay to fall. It gets up again. It’s a Japanese saying that emphasizes resilience. Designed to motivate individuals to keep going despite life’s obstacles.

At times, our dreams may seem impossible to realize. But that doesn’t have to mean we won’t succeed if we are willing to work hard. They possess an inspiring will for success.

Many people find inspiration in this proverb, particularly Patsy Takemoto Mink. The first Asian American woman elected to Congress! Although her journey proved challenging at times, she never gave up and achieved great success! If you’re searching for a Tattoo quote or motivational wall, scroll. This one makes an excellent choice.

Get Up Seven

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